Extreme Warrior Fitness

What is Extreme Warrior Fitness?

It seems that everywhere you turn, a new fitness challenge is popping up. Whether its a mud race like the Tough Mudder, extreme obstacle course like the Spartan Race, or even training like the elite Navy Seals, Righteous Warriors can prepare you to be at your very best.

Why Righteous Warriors?

Because we’ve done it all!

    • Tough Mudder – Check!
    • Reebok Spartan Race – Check!
    • Navy Seal Experience – Check!

We even took on the challenge of spending over a week in the jungles of Belize, armed with nothing but a machete, ingenuity, and survival instincts gained from both training and life’s experiences.

In addition to the above, Righteous Warriors can help you prepare for Running events (5K, Half Marathon, Marathon), Cycling events, and more.

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