What Is Naphtali?

Naphtali is the martial art of Israel, it was handed down to the Patriarch Jacob in the year 1748 B.C. by the Arch-Angel Chamael.

The biblical story of Jacob wrestling with an Angel at the river Jab’bok east of the Jordan River, was not just a wrestling match of two forces; the earthly self with the spiritual self; it was indeed a lesson being taught by an agent of the Lord to one of his chosen.

The lessons of Naphtali are to remind us that God has already endowed us with all the weaponry we need to walk a life without fear. Jacob had prayed for the strength to be able to save himself and his family from harm. God had already sent him a camp of War Angels for his command, but Jacob did not have the trust needed to dispatch them.

The Arch Angel Chama-el was then sent to teach Jacob how to access his God given gifts: the gift of mind power, the gift of spiritual power and the gift of celestial power. Jacob after intense all-night training finally received his commission only after refusing defeat.

Jacob was commissioned Israel (Prince of God), named after the celestial Prince of God. Now called Israel he was given the authority and power of a heavenly agent here on earth as the heavenly Prince of God has power and authority in the celestial.


Master C. Hamilton Robinson is the founder of the Naphtali Martial Arts System.  Master Robinson has been in martial arts for 50 years.  He began his martial arts training under his father where he learned what is now called Naphtali.  He holds advanced black belts in several systems but has given his life to the development and teaching of Naphtali.

During World War II many of the African American soldiers were stationed in North Africa.  The Daneke and Berber tribes in Tunisia and Algeria exposed these solders to an African fighting style.  Master Robinson’s father learned this style and brought it home to the states.  Master Robinson learned from his father and expanded the teachings by reinterpreting the system with a Judeo-Christian philosophy.  The Naphtali system under his leadership has influenced a generation of martial artist in Philadelphia, PA.  The beauty of this system is in its ability to develop character and develop followers of Christ while teaching a very practical martial art.

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